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For Schools

YTeach is the best option to enhance schools’ supplementary academic aid beyond the classroom. We facilitate the administering and monitoring of rewarding student interactions that form meaningful relationships and achieve successful results.

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Remove the Clutter and Achieve Quantifiable Results

All too often schools either are unable to offer sufficient learning resources for  their students, or they waste time coordinating programs that lack results through complicated spreadsheets. We can help you:

  • Create a secure collaborative learning network
  • Offer students a solution that helps them thrive
  • Remove the middleman between students and tutors
  • Promote self-betterment as a continuous process
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All-In-One Tutoring Solution

By partnering with us, you gain access to all the features and resources you would need to make your program a success for your students.

Schedule Sessions

Students can plan sessions and receive reminder notifications.

Tutor Training

Tutors will receive resources to be successful tutors for the students.

Chat Messaging

Students can easily communicate with tutors to coordinate sessions.

Marketing Materials

Receive template marketing resources and email drafts to share.

Track Lessons

Students can keep track of their sessions and service hours.

CMS Portal

Monitor your student users, their lessons, chat messages, and more. 

Personalized pricing as you grow your student users.

Continuously Working With You

We don't only work for you, we work with you every step of the way to ensure the success of your students and tutors. YTeach is your partner in education.

Demo Meeting

You'll get to learn more about YTeach, meet the team, and get an overview of our app, resources, and features.

Onboarding Process

Gain access to the CMS Portal with your school's info and get ready for your launch with our marketing resources, tips, and guides.


Start approving tutors and offer the YTeach App as a learning tool for your students to reach their academic aspirations.


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Discover the benefits that YTeach can bring to your school and how we make collaboration and innovation collide in education.