About Us

Our Goal: To Help At Least One Person Every Day

YTeach was created by a student who knew that just like him, students constantly had questions, and there likely was someone within his school who could help him learn how to find the answers. He understood that students seeking help often face not knowing who to ask or have trouble trying to find the time to schedule sessions with private tutors who can place a financial burden on families.

On the same token, schools are looking for ways to provide supplemental learning and resources to their students, are spending money often hiring outside private tutors or learning programs to assist their students, and despite teachers best efforts there is only one of them and so much time to help as many of their students as possible. YTeach is a resource to help resolve these problems. 

A Diverse Set of Skills With Something Unique To Offer

We have a team that's a bit different from most startups, and that is a key element to our success. We're made up of a previous lawyer, a current student, and an incoming college freshman who each bring something to the table.

  • Positive Leadership
  • Technologically Proficient
  • Quick Responses
  • Tutoring Experts
  • Administrative Experience
  • Easily Adaptable
  • Dedicated to Users
  • Creative & Imaginative

Meet the Team

We are driven by our passion to help others and have a unique role in fulfilling the YTeach mission to create a community of empowered life-long learners.

Matias Aviñó


Lourdes Aviñó

Co-Founder & CEO