Deliver On-Demand Peer Tutoring Programs

YTeach is an easy-to-use platform that allows K-12 schools and districts to build, deliver, and monitor high-dosage peer tutoring programs to drive student success and empower teachers and administrators.

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Build A Powerful Support System.

Provide a peer tutoring platform for your students that is scalable, reliable, and measurable.

Offer Accessible Aid

Give students the opportunity to request on-demand tutoring from their peers no matter their socioeconomic background or time conflicts.

Foster Student Leaders

Mold students into resourceful peer tutors who give back to their school community, take initiative for their learning, and become problem solvers.

Increase Teacher Bandwidth

Lessen the workload for educators who can refer struggling students to peer tutors who function as an extension of the classroom.

Discover Learning Trends

Utilize powerful analytics such as platform usage rates or student satisfaction to monitor the impact of your program.

Simple Is Better.

Peer driven academic support platform designed by students, with K-12 students in mind.

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Schedule free lessons
with the click of a button

Students can request on-demand tutoring from their peers, providing individualized learning environments, when they need it most. Just like requesting an Uber.

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Easily find peer tutors for
any courses at school

With personalized course lists for each school, students aren’t just requesting Calculus, they’re requesting AP Calculus BC. Believe us, there’s a difference.

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Efficiently communicate with peers to coordinate lessons

When do students ever check their email? Now they can message their peer tutors within the app while fostering relationships and their own emotional intelligence. 

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Become a tutor for
community service hours

Tutors can build an impressive college resume, increase their SAT/ACT scores, grow their soft skills, and fulfill their service hour requirements on their own time.

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Our Users Know Best.

Still not convinced about us? Hear directly from the administrators, parents, and students who love our platform and why.

Leverage YTeach at your school or district.