Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the app store and download the YTeach App. Once the app has been downloaded, press “Let’s Get Started” and then “Create An Account.” Select your school from the dropdown, fill in your information, and then submit.

You must head over to your email and click the activation link on the confirmation email to activate your account. Once your account has been activated, you can sign in on the YTeach App.

No. All tutors can also be students, and all students can be tutors as long as they meet their schools requirements. Thus, everyone starts off as just a student until they request to become a tutor.

Head over to the YTeach App and select the “Profile” tab on the bottom of your screen. You will then see a button that says “Become A Tutor.” Once you follow the steps to register as a tutor, wait until a confirmation email saying that your school administrator has either accepted or declined your request to become a tutor.

In return for tutoring your peers, you will get community service hours that can be applied toward school and honor society requirements.

No. Our pricing system is based on schools paying a subscription fee so that their students can gain access to the YTeach App and its features. 

Each school is different, so each plan is different. During our demo meeting, we will discuss your school’s details and come up with a personalized pricing plan.