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Academic Support Solution

For Remote & Hybrid Learning Schools

In a time of crisis, offer your students a source of mentorship that can take place over a wide variety of mediums and keep up with an unpredictable world.

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Our Response

Consistency In An Unprecedented Classroom

In mid-March of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic erupted at an international level and schools were forced to close, we remained committed to offering students uninterrupted mentorship despite the transition to remote learning. In a classroom environment where students have less face-time with teachers and limited opportunities for academic help outside of the typical school setting, YTeach provides a reliable platform for students where they feel comfortable asking for help. We also offer schools a way to ensure to parents that the quality of education is adaptable and continues to improve despite the situation in the world around us. 

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Our Benefits

Students need adaptable academic help more than ever and the YTeach Team is here to help your school continue to offer learning resources for your students.

Flexible Scheduling

With changing schedules and lesson plans, students can easily coordinate sessions with tutors and keep track with reminders.

Direct In-App Messaging

Students can directly communicate with tutors within the app through messages that do not get lost in cluttered email inboxes.

360° Vision For Schools

Administrators are able to access all chat messages and session logs to keep track of their students and the progress being made.

Pair With 3rd-Party Apps

Students and tutors are able to use already familiar 3rd-party apps such as Zoom or BlueJeans to conduct remote sessions. 

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