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Happy Monday!

We are so excited to share our first Make It Happen Monday Newsletter with you! Our hope is to inspire and encourage you to live a life full of intention.

We figured that a good place to start is from the beginning. If you do not know our story, YTeach is made up of two co-founders – Matias and Luly. The interesting dynamic is that Matias is now 12 years old and I (Luly) am his “something” year old mom. As a parent, I know that I can slide off path and get caught up in the small stuff. In an effort to not let my first question to either of my children be “What did you get on your test?” I always ask, “What did you do today to help someone?” So every day since my children were in preschool I would ask them this question. Of course, at that age, the answers seem simple. Sometimes they let someone borrow a crayon or held the door; however, as they have gotten older the answers can seem to have more meaning, such as helping a friend who was bullied or including someone at their lunch table.

One day, when Matias was in 5th grade, he was getting into the car at pick up. Before I can get the words out, Matias says, “Wait! Don’t ask me. Today I thought of an idea of not how I can help one person, but how I can help many people every day.” Shortly thereafter, he grabs a pencil and paper to write out his idea and YTeach is born. YTeach provides a network for students to help each other.

So for our first Make It Happen Monday we challenge you with this very same question. What did you do today to help someone?

We would love to hear how you helped someone, so send us your story to or share your story and tag us on social 馃摲

Go make it happen,
Matias, Luly & the YTeach Team

“Helping one person might not change the world, but it might change the world for one person.”
– Paul Shane Spear

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