Mr. Brightside

This week has been full of all sorts of challenges. It isn’t easy staying home all day without seeing your friends, teammates, teachers, and others who help make sure that we get to do the things we do on a typical basis. A person can get caught up in watching the news or focus on the negatives out there. However, this past week has also challenged us to be versatile and often times think outside the box. It has given me the opportunity to do things I don’t normally get the chance to do. 

For one thing, I have been able to spend more time with my family. Our family is usually extremely busy. My father works very hard as a lawyer and there are days I may not see him make it even for dinner time. I have truly appreciated having extra time to spend with him, whether it be playing board games, throwing a ball, or just plane hanging out. We have taken advantage of going on runs, fishing, and enjoying nature. I’ve even been able to practice my cooking skills and prepare meals with my family. Although the cabin fever does set in, it is nice to have had this extra time to be with each other. 

Another plus has been learning new things. Even just getting the hang of going to school through virtual classes has taught me a lot. I find myself more focused on what I am actually learning instead of cramming for tests. Time that I’m not in a virtual class, I have used to research other interests such as better understanding of the stock market, self-improvement, and how this pandemic has affected climate change. Like did you know that researchers at Columbia University found that emissions of carbon monoxide, mainly from cars and trucks, have fallen by about 50% for a couple of days this week alone? That alone seems to be a silver lining.

Finally, this week has taught me the importance of just slowing down. A regular day would usually involve me waking up by 6am and heading straight to school until 3pm, followed by practice until 6:30pm, to get home and clean up before dinner and homework. We can really get caught up in our busy schedules. I have truly appreciated time to slow down and focus on what’s important. I continue to learn, I try to stay healthy and exercise, and enjoy time with my family. Although our lives have been shaken and I hope that people around the world can stay safe, I am grateful for the positive outcomes. If anything, it can be a reminder once things are “back to normal,” to make sure we slow down and put things in perspective every once in a while. 

For this week’s #MakeItHappen Monday, maybe take time to think of what positive outcomes have come from all of this. If you can’t come up with a list of three or four things then try and think of things you can do during this down time that can make you better. What has been your bright side of all of this? Let us know by emailing us at or share your story and tag us on social. 

Go make it happen,
Matias & the YTeach Team

“When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.”
– Oscar Wilde

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