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Happy Monday!

We wanted to dedicate today’s #MakeItHappen Monday to a person we featured a few months back in Big Dreams Require Big Effort. We were extremely saddened by the news that Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter and seven others passed yesterday in a tragic helicopter accident. Our thoughts go to all the families affected. It is often difficult to understand why something like this would happen. However, if there is any lesson we can take from it, it is to make every day count.

The newsletter we wrote about Kobe Bryant was about the connection of success and deliberate practice. Kobe Bryant was successful, not because of natural talent, but because he consistently worked hard and focused on the fundamentals. He was extremely deliberate when he trained and that allowed him to be so precise when it came to game time. Kobe Bryant took his “Mamba” mentality as he would call it even after retirement, when he founded a multimedia company, won an Oscar and wrote a series of books for young adults. He continued to exemplify excellence.

So whether you are studying for a class, practicing your sport, or working on your chess game, it is important to be deliberate about your time in order to continually improve and get better. This week, really focus on making the most of every moment. If you are with family and friends, try to be present and avoid distractions. If you are working on a class project, put the extra effort to show your best work. If you are training, push yourself a little harder even when you’re tired. Every day is an opportunity to get better and develop specific skills.

For this week’s #MakeItHappen Monday, concentrate on being deliberate and live your life with purpose. Let us know how you are making the most of each and every day and email us at or share your story and tag us on social.

Go make it happen,
Matias & the YTeach Team

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”
– Kobe Bryant

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