Learning from your mistakes

Happy Monday! 

Part of being human is making mistakes. When we make a mistake though, sometimes it isn’t enough to just say you’re sorry and move on. If you find yourself repeating the same mistakes, there are ways to try and avoid it. Instead of just going through the motions and apologizing, stop and think about it.

The first thing is to own up to what you did. It’s important to learn to admit that you made the mistake and did something wrong. Don’t be in denial. So if you get a bad grade because you didn’t study much and try to hide it, it is still likely that your parents will find out and it doesn’t change the grade. So being honest from the beginning will not fix the problem but it will get you started.

Next, stop and think about the mistake.  Really think about the error you made and focus on what you can do in the future to avoid it happening again. In the example of getting a bad grade, maybe that means getting into the habit of studying earlier and not waiting until the last minute. Or possibly, you got in an argument because you lost your temper.  Here, your mindset matters.  Think about things you can do to calm yourself down the next time you are getting angry or anxious.  By stopping and thinking about different ways to respond, you start to change the pattern from happening again.

Lastly, put it into action. You need to look at what happened, find a solution and put the solution to work. So maybe that means using different methods of studying and figuring out what works for you. It may take some time but you will begin to respond differently, and find ways to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

It helps to ask yourself the following: 
                1)What was I trying to do? 
                2)What went wrong? 
                3)When did it go wrong? 
                4)Why did it go wrong? 

Think about why the mistake happened and the cause/effect that caused it to happen.

For this #MakeItHappen Monday, the lesson is that we all make mistakes, but there are things we can do to get better.  Sitting and dwelling on it, while not thinking of ways to avoid them, won’t help either. Whether it is trying different ways to respond or slowing down to come up with a better solution, find what works for you. Let us know how you’re getting better, and email us at or share your story and tag us on social.

Go make it happen,
Matias & the YTeach Team

“The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from being perfect.”
– Adam Osborne


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