How to Triumph

Yesterday, many of us celebrated Easter, which actually has an extremely significant meaning in the Catholic faith. Easter is the day when Jesus, their Messiah, raises from the dead after three days following his passion and crucifixion. Catholics prepare for this Easter celebration over forty days of solemn reflection called Lent. They spend these days prayerfully anticipating the triumph of the resurrection of Christ and even abstain from meat on Fridays and make other Lenten sacrifices. 

To many, these past weeks in quarantine have highly resembled the period of Lent. Stuck in our homes with very little to do to pass the time, we are impatiently anticipating the moment when we can finally go back out into the world and resume our lives. We are waiting for our Easter moment. But how about instead of looking at our time in quarantine as a prison sentence, we take a look at all the positive things that can come out of this experience.  

Personally, I have been able to take a step back and focus on myself instead of the constant workload that continuously piles up every day. I have had an opportunity to share some time with my family and a chance to appreciate the simple things, such as going for a walk in my neighborhood for the last few times before I go off to college. I’ve explored different passions that I hadn’t previously been able to and even started listening to a happiness podcast just because I can. Isn’t that refreshing? To finally be able to say “I can” for once instead of having to dodge everything that takes up time in our hectic day. 

Starting now, view your time in quarantine as an invitation to try something new, and you might discover a new interest or passion or learn something new about yourself that you didn’t have a chance to realize before. Sure, you can spend your time stuck at home, waiting to be happy in the future once we’re back to normal. You can be in your Lenten period waiting for Easter. But instead, how about we make our Easter come to us through our perception of the situation and our willingness and adapt to changing circumstances. 

For this week’s #MakeItHappen, take a step back and truly appreciate your ability to say “I can” now during the quarantine. Keep a positive Easter mindset, and make the best of your situation instead of waiting for it to be over. And most importantly, let us know what you’re doing with all your extra time by emailing us at or share your story and tag us on social. 

Go make it happen, 
Stefano & the YTeach Team 

“The triumph can’t be had without the struggle.”
– Wilma Rudolph

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