How to Improve Concentration

Happy Monday! 

We have all fallen in that rabbit hole, where our mind wanders and we begin to lose track of time.  But don’t worry, not all is lost.  There are techniques you can use to help improve your concentration and ways to use your study time as effectively as possible.  The most obvious ways are by making sure you are studying in the right environment, removing distractions and reduce multitasking so that you are as productive and effective as possible.

When choosing the right study environment, making sure you have a clean area has a huge impact on your ability to concentrate.  If there is clutter and papers everywhere, it is not especially conducive to staying focused.  And although cleaning would likely make everyone happy, cleaning is also a form of distraction.  If you scheduled time to study, then you need to concentrate on just doing that.  Do the best you can to keep your desk area, folders, notes organized by periodically going through it and tidying up.  That way, when it’s time to study, you are in deep concentration.

Distractions can come in all different shapes and sizes.  It could come in the form of external distractions like phone alerts, surfing the web, or binging on Netflix.  Likewise there are internal distractions such as hunger, stress, and fatigue.  The issue with these distractions is that it takes away time from studying and requires more time to refocus and get back to your work.  For those external distractions, recognize what is taking away your time and remove them from your study space.  Internal distractions, are not as easy but it helps to keep a notebook close by in case something comes to mind so you jot it done and get to it once your done, pack healthy snacks that aren’t packed with sugar, consider taking a meditation break with some deep breathing.    

Finally, multitasking has been shown to be extremely ineffective.  Although there may be times when trying to do two things at once is useful, studying is not one of them.  Learning and studying requires deep concentration, so be sure to separate time to do just that.

Top tips for staying focused:

  1. Keep your study area clean.
  2. Take productive breaks – go for a quick walk or grab a cup get some water.  
  3. Turn off your phone and/or computers – There are apps such as Freedom, Serene and RescueTime that you can download and they block a list of websites and allow you to set a schedule and/or timer from going on sites.
  4. Don’t multitask

Be intentional when separating time to study and pay attention to these tips that will help you be more efficient and effective with your time.  For this weeks #MakeItHappen, work on ways to improve your concentration.  Let us know how your week is going, and email us at or share your story and tag us on social.

Go make it happen,
Luly & the YTeach Team

“Your mastery depends on focus, patience, and practice.  Not on luck.”
– Robin Sharma

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