Creating A Monopoly

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Many of us have heard of monopolies either through the board game or as a result of the negative connotation that is attached to the word as a result of them stunting the competitive growth of businesses. However, what some of us fail to initially recognize is that every single successful student, professional, or business has created a monopoly for themselves to succeed.

The most important aspect of creating a monopoly is determining its range. For example, if your monopoly is that you want to become the best student, that is something that may be difficult to achieve and even to measure. On the other hand, if a monopoly that you create is that you’re going to be the student who answers their emails the fastest or the student who speaks the most confidently, those are monopolies that are both easier to conquer and quantify.

Monopolies are so crucial to create because successful people are not known for what they do well that is in common with others; they distinguish themselves in what they do well that others don’t do. Here are some ways to set yourself apart and create your own monopolies:

  1. Know Your Strengths – Aim to build upon qualities that come naturally to you instead of forcing yourself to be the best at something that you’re not necessarily good at.
  2. Own It – Even if you aren’t the best in a specific area yet, speak to yourself and others as if you are. It will make them believe it and you will be more confident in yourself.
  3. Be Innovative – Although you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, approach problems from a different perspective or use technology to get an advantage over others trying to create similar monopolies.

For this week’s #MakeItHappen, pick one thing that you want to build a monopoly on and own it. Let us know how it goes and email us at or share your story and tag us on social.

Go make it happen,
Stefano & the YTeach Team

“Monopoly is a terrible thing, till you have it.”
– Rupert Murdoch

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