Biggest Lessons We’ve Learned From Starting a Business

Happy Monday!

Our journey at YTeach has been an incredible experience. It began with the obsession of asking a single question every day, “What did you do to help someone today?” That question turned into an idea, which finally turned into a business. There are so many lessons that we have learned along the way.

I do not think that anyone can prepare you for understanding the time and commitment it takes. I came up with the idea of YTeach over a year ago. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is patience. Starting a business requires a game plan. You have to write down your idea, become obsessed with the details, and follow through. It has been over a year in the making and we are constantly working on how to make it better. It is important to be kind to yourself and remember that it will not happen over night.

Another lesson I’ve learned is the value of hard work. People come up with great ideas all the time, but actually separating the time to focus on your goals, when you can just be playing with friends, is something that I am always working on. Even more, be passionate about what you are doing. If you are truly passionate about your business, the hard work will be so much easier to handle.

Starting a business also teaches you how to deal with rejection. You may try something and it may not go as planned and require you to pivot. Not every moment will be a win. However, be persistent in your growth and even the smallest steps are steps in the right direction.

Finally, there is no perfect roadmap. There are many challenges you will face along the way. But there is also incredible joy and excitement when you see your idea become a reality. So focus on all the good you can do, write down your ideas and it may just turn into something bigger.

On this #MakeItHappenMonday, we challenge you to make yourself a little uncomfortable and learn something new. We can’t wait to see what you can do. Let us know by emailing or share your story and tag us on social 馃摲

Go make it happen,
Matias & the YTeach Team

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”
– Steve Jobs

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