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Hello 2020! It’s a new year and a time that is always exciting, where we can think about all the things we want to accomplish. All the while, it’s important to reflect and appreciate how far we have come and everything we have done in the last year. However, this got me thinking – what is it that sets people apart? How is it that some people are able to stick with their goals as opposed to those who just talk about them?

There’s a crazy statistic that says most people quit their resolutions by January 12th! According to actor and rapper, Will Smith, the people who make it past those two weeks have one thing that helps their dream become a reality, and that is self-discipline. Apart from being an A-list actor and Grammy winner, Will Smith has been in the spotlight for his encouraging words on social, and his video on self-discipline really struck a cord while thinking about starting a new decade with the right mindset and bigger goals.

The idea of self-discipline can appear as perseverance, restraint, endurance, or thinking before acting. Oftentimes, people think of discipline as a punishment but according to Smith it is not that at all. To him, “Self-discipline is foregoing immediate pleasure in exchange of long term self respect. It is behavior towards yourself that is loving.” So if you are thinking of eating junk food, it’s stopping yourself because you know you won’t feel great after that initial sugar rush. It is possibly not going out on a Friday because you know you have a test on Monday and you won’t be happy if you don’t do well.

To Smith, self-discipline is at the center of all success. In order to strengthen this skill he encourages you to command your mind to choose actions that are in your own best interest. There is a saying, “In life you suffer one of two pains: the pain of self-discipline or the pain of regret.” Look at your goals, and focus on putting in the work because you know that the pain now will lead to something bigger.

When thinking about your vision for 2020, be laser focused to reach for goals that help you grow and maybe even get you out of your comfort zone. Something I do is that I have my goals on a reminder on my phone. It is set to remind me first thing in the morning and before going to bed everyday what it is I am working towards. This encourages me to push through even on the hard days. For this weeks #MakeItHappen Monday, challenge yourself to stay disciplined when you are faced with a decision that helps you reach your goals. As always, let us know how you are working towards your goals and email us at or share your story and tag us on social.

Go make it happen,
Luly & the YTeach Team

“Set a goal so big you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.”
– Will Smith

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