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Cells and their functions - short version

Subject: Science
Grade: Years 11-13
Resource types: Playlist
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Publish date 2008-01-08
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1. Slideshow Living things [Slideshow]   Living things
Explain that all living organisms, plants and animals are made from cells.
2. Slideshow Plant cells under a microscope [Slideshow]   Plant cells under a microscope
Explain that plant cells come in various shapes and sizes, according to the functions they perform.
3. Slideshow Animal cells under a microscope [Slideshow]   Animal cells under a microscope
Explain that each cell in an animal's body carries out a different function. What functions do these cells perform?
4. Slideshow Made and not made up of cells [Slideshow]   Made and not made up of cells
Play the video and stress that only living things are made up of cells - inorganic materials are not.
5. Animation Plants versus animals [Animation]   Plants versus animals
Play the video and explain that there are important differences between animal and plant cells, related to their functions.What cells do animals have that plants do not? (eg blood cells, bone cells).

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