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yTeach contribution

Our goal is to make our service better every day. This is why we invite schools from all around the world to take part in our project called yTeach Academy. Every month (or two months) we will choose one school to participate in this program.

How to participate?

Make sure that your school conducts lessons in English and its administration is aware of this program and at least one teacher in your school will monitor his/her use of yTeach resources and tools and the output/motivation levels/comments of the pupils taught with help of yTeach resources and tools.

What do we offer?

Interactive teaching resources for maths and science. Powerful tools to reinforce your teaching and streamline your work.
We expect your school to...To provide feedback of various form: hints and comments, suggestions, video footage, written or recorded reviews, students' feedback. The exact forms of feedback depend on the terms agreed between yTeach and your school, discussed individually in every case.

What's this really about?

  1. You get one-year access to any of yTeach resources (worth over 4000 EUR in total) with a 50% discount*.
  2. You can help us make our product better for both teachers and students.
  3. We can make sure yTeach keeps up with the latest educational challenges and the expectations of the educational society (teachers and pupils, most importandly).
  4. With your help, we will be able to create a product tailor made for the future education and work for benefit of the world education community.

Want to be part of it?

Send us an enquiry with your school information.

*Can be less or more, depending on the exact terms of partnership

To see yTeach Academy Members so far
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