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yTeach Purchase System

In order to come across different teachers' needs yTeach Purchase System was developed, which offers an easy and intuitive way to access great Maths and Science resources.

Unlock Individual Resources!

The benefit here is that you and your teachers only use your pot of Credits to unlock the resources you really want. There is no need to pay for a whole Package if you think you won't use it all. Resources are priced individually between 0.5 and 10 Credits. And you can access exactly these resources that you are about to use - with just a click of a mouse.
You can buy Credits in batches of 100 upwards. A Credit costs 1 EUR + VAT and can be used by any teacher in your school to unlock access to individual resources.
Once you have purchased Credits you can easily unlock the resources you need.
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Purchase Packs!

You can buy specially prepared pre-defined Maths and Science Packages for your whole school with just a couple of mouse clicks. For the next 12 months, all the teachers in your school will have full access to the chosen package (set of resources).

Designed for simplicity, this solution allows you to save time and money, as each package costs more than 50% less then all resources in it purchased separately.
It is reccommended when there are a lot of teachers in a school. Everyone has their favourite way of using ICT in teaching so why not give them a full pot to pick from?
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