How to create Class Assignments

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How to create Class Assignments

yTeach helps you build engaging and personalised assignments which can be sent to your students in just a few clicks for classwork or homework - we call these Class Assignments.

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Class Assignments can be created either in the "My Class Assignments" section, or from any resource's details screen (click "Send as Homework" in the "Do you want to do?" box on the right of the resource).

In your Class Assignment, you can include yTeach resources, your own files and weblinks - but remember, only yTeach resources containing "exercises" can report back students' results.

Each Class Assignment contains instructions for students and a simple Access Code which you choose. To start their Assignment, students go to – the student version of yTeach. They enter their name and the Access Code you've given them. When their tasks are completed, they click "Close Class Assignment" and all results are sent directly to you.

When creating Class Assignments, we recommend you use class activities or student activities. These are the best resources to use in the assessment for learning process.
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